What homeowners and tenants don't know about the disaster vulnerability of their homes

$300-500 billion a year! Thats what disaster losses average globally according the UN and World Bank, and the figure is growing. 3/4 of that loss is our homes. Over 80% is caused by four natural hazards: wind, water, fire and earthquakes. 

But why are our homes so vulnerable to hazards? Why is this happening both in developed and developing countries? Why is insurance an inadequate solution to a growing social issue? What economic interests lay behind the continuing problem? How is climate often used to hide other deeper causes? What can the public do to make better decisions when building, buying, renting or renovating a home?

We see it everywhere: Grenfell Apartment Fire, Haiti Earthquake, Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, Gujarat Earthquake, Tohoku Earthquake/Tsumani, Cyclone Nargis, Joplin Tornado, Nepal Earthquake, Chennai Floods, Typhoon Haiyan...the list goes on and on. 

This documentary is based on the pioneering book 'Resilience - The Ultimate Sustainability', published in 2016 by the non-profit Resilience Action Fund (www.buildingresilient.com). It sheds a public light on the multi-trillion dollar building and property industry and those private and public forces that affect the lives and investment of almost every human being. It is a 'must know' for every family. 

The documentary is being funded by Resilience Action Fund and produced by an award-winning documentary producer. Documentary planning has already begun and aims to complete the project by year end 2017, depending on funding. Distribution will be via TV, cable, and online channels worldwide.

Please support us to complete this worthwhile project. Help us raise awareness on home safety. 100% of donations will be used to fund the documentary. Millions could benefit by better decisions on the homes they build, buy, rent or renovate.

See the five tiers of donations, with multiple donor recognition opportunities. Your support is greatly appreciated. Individuals, companies, non-profits and public entities are all invited to participate.

Resilience Action Fund (International) is a UK Charity. 

For additional information and questions email to resilienceaction1@gmail.com 

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